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Sikki Grass Craft



April 13, 2024

  • Sikki Grass Crafts are a Specially grass made handicrafts.
  • Sikki is a Special types of grass.
  • Sikki grass found in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh ( Northern Parts States of India).
  • Various types of Handmade handicrafts are made from Sikki Grass.
  • It’s a ancient art of making items.
  • Sikki Grass craft are very popular in Bihar. Specially Tharu women have been weaving traditional baskets and Handicrafts from sikki grass for centuries.
  • Tharu Women are a women from Tharu peoples, who are an ethenic groups indigeneous to the Norther Bihar and Terai in Southern Nepal.
  • Tharu Peopople are recognized by Government of Nepal as an official Nationality.
  • Government of India recognized Tharu Pepoles as a Scheduled Tribe (ST).
  • In India, they mostly lived in Indian Terai regions States of Indian ( Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand ).
  • Sikki flower head is cut off and dired .
  • Resulting fine golden sikki grass fibre is used in weaving to make Dolls, Toys, Dolchi (Baskets).
  • After weaving all handicarafts may be Painted.
  • Sikki Grass made Boxes are popularly known as Pauti.
  • Pauti are given to daughters by parents in weddings in this community.
  • Pauti widely used in this community for as a Sindoor, Ornaments, Jewelry Containers.
  • Pauti – Pauti is small boxex or containers for Jewelry, Vermilion (Sindoor), Dry Fruits etc.
  • Jhappa – It’s a big container with caps for food grains, sweets, spices, etc.
  • Mauni – It’s a baskets for fresh fruits, betel leafs, nuts, flowers etc. Gumla – Gumla is a Bowl or Containers for Various Uses.
  • Saji – Saji is a flower baskets.
  • Bindeshwari Devi: Women behind Sikki Grass Crafts