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List of Bangladesh Division



April 24, 2024

  • Administrative head of the division is Divisional Commissioner.
  • Divisional Commissioner is appointed by the Government From an Additional Secretary Level officer of Bangladesh Civil Civil Service (B.C.S) Administration Cadre.
  • Divisional Commissioner is assisted by the several Additional Divisional Commissioners, Senior Assistant Commissioners and other Bureaucratic Officials.
  • Two additional proposed divisions are proposed due to the heavy work load.
    • Padma Division
    • Meghna Divisions.
  • The list of 8 Bangladesh Divisions is:
DivisionCapitalEst.SubdivisionsArea (km2)Population (2011)Density (people/
2) (2011)
DistrictsUpazilasUnion Councils
Barisal DivisionBarisal199363933313,225.208,325,666613
Chittagong DivisionChittagong18291110194933,908.5529,145,000831
Dhaka DivisionDhaka1829131231,24820,593.7436,433,5051,751
Khulna DivisionKhulna1960105927022,284.2215,687,759699
Mymensingh DivisionMymensingh201543435010,584.0611,370,0001,074
Rajshahi DivisionRajshahi182987055818,153.0818,485,8581,007
Rangpur DivisionRangpur201085853616,184.9915,787,758960
Sylhet DivisionSylhet199543833412,635.229,807,000779
Total 8Dhaka1971645224,576147,610.00146,968,0411,106