jhilinga nepali snack street food




April 24, 2024

  • Jhilinga is a traditional Nepali food.
  • It’s super crunchy and popular as a snack.
  • Jhilinga is closely associated with people of different ethnicities, like the Gurungs, Magars, Brahmins, and Newars.
  • The jhilinga-making process is very simple and requires minimal ingredients, but skilled hands are needed to craft the pieces into proper circles.
  • Jhilinga is very popular with tea.
  • Jhilinga’s ancient food and History are disputed.
  • Jhilinga is used as a shagun (an offering taken with you when you visit guests or relatives).
  • Jhilinga is widely used in weddings, festivals, ceremonies, and rituals.
  • Ingredients: rice Rice Flour, Water, Food coloring, Mustard oil vegetable oil clarified butter (Ghee), etc.