Naga chilli mirchi

Naga Chilli (Mirchi)



April 24, 2024

  • Nage Chili popularly known as Naga Morich.
  • Naga Morich is one of the hottest Chilli Peppers in the world.
  • Naga chili is very similar to Bhut Jolokia Morich.
  • It has a sweet and slightly tart flavor with woody, smoky flavors.
  • It’s a chili Pepper Basically Cultivated in Bangladesh and Specially Northeast India Nagaland and Manipure.
  • In the name of Manipure its popular as a Naga Morich.
  • In Banglades and north east India, its a very Popular in Pickles and raw as a side dish.
  • Naga chili is a small to medium shrub with large leaves, 5 petaled flower, small and hot fruit like many other varieties of chineses species.
  • Naga Morich is also grown in the USA, UK (Subspecies Dorset Naga), Australia, Finland, and West Africa for hot sauce production.