Mim Kut Festival Mizoram

Mim Kut Festival



July 20, 2024

  • Mim Kut is a one of the popular festival of Mizoram (State of India).
  • It’s a oldest festival of Mizo.
  • Mim means Maize.
  • Mim Kut is also known as Tah Kut, (Which Means “Festival of Weaping”)
  • Mim Kut celebrated mostly Kuki Tribe.
  • After Maize Harvest Mim Kut is celebrated in Mizoram.
  • Celebrated – During August & September.
  • Ovesrved after the maize or corn is ripe.
  • It was held in memory of the deceased.
  • It was a ceremony organized for the dead.
  • Mim kut is celebrated with rice bear drinking, dancing, singing, feasting but without gaiety.