Dayta.AI Artificial intelligence startup




July 20, 2024

  • all-in-one Retail Analytics Solution.
  • Company Name – Dayta AI Limited
  • Website:
  • Founded on May 3, 2018
  • Employee – 50
  • Dayta AI is a SAAS Company that developed Cyclops, Avideo Analytics tool for Offline Retailers.
  • Location – Hong Kong
  • CO-Founder & CEO – Patrick Tu
  • Targeted Business Problems – Offline retailes lack effective and efficient ways to collect customer data, which create even more barriers for retailes to refine their business.
  • Data Collection – Footfall, Passerby, Dwell Time, Queue Time, Age Group, Gender, Analysis.
  • Inputs – Video Camera, Point of Sale Systems, CRM Systems, Staffing Systems, Weather, Market Movement, More other Matrix.
  • Outputs – Web Dashboard, Executive Report, Instant Alerts, Data Analysis, 3rd Party Apps (API)
  • Basic Requirements – Any RTSP Supported cameras with Internet connection, Router-Simple settings to ensure your camera connects to cyclops secutely, 1 MBPS internet speed for one 720 camera, more bandwidth for higher resolution cameras.
  • Package starting range – From US $ 42 to US$ 114 Monthly per license.