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Navara Rice



April 13, 2024

  • In the world, there are more than…. varieties of Rice.
  • Navara Rice is a similarly special type of GI Tag Rice.
  • Navara Rice is a Unique Oryza Group grain Plant.
  • In 2007–09, this rice got a Geographical Indication Status.
  • This Rice powder is mixed with milk and taken in the form of cerel.
  • It also has religious significance and is used for Ceremonies in Temples.
  • Navara Rice originated Somewhere in Kerala, where it is regarded as endemic.
  • Navara Rice has been used in Ayurveda Treatment from the age of 600 B.C haraka.
  • Now a days its growing and treated as a Medicinal Corp and Medicinal Plant.
  • Navara Rice is safe food for Diabetic Pateients.
  • It also used for Hair Fall Treatment also.
  • According to Ayurveda Acharyas Recommendation Navara Rice is Best food for Rheumatoid, Arthritis, Hemorrhoids, Diabetes, Tuberculosis, Oligospermia,
  • Navara Rice also inmorove Lactation Improving.
  • It is also good diet for Anemic patients.
  • In South India it’s a traditionally supplementary diet for Under Weight Baby or Infants and Persons.
  • During Monsoon Navara Rice also Consumed as a replenishing drink Popularly known as “Karkadaka Kanji” along with other herbal medicine.
  • In the market, it is available in both Rice and Rice Powder forms.