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Fugu Fish



July 20, 2024

  • We are all very fond of eating and trying a variety of lavish dishes when we come to eat them.
  • But there are many dishes that can pose a great risk to life that are available worldwide.
  • This dish can even cause the deaths of many people if it is served with a careless attitude.
  • Yes, it’s strange, and it’s true; Fugu is one kind of similar dish that is widely served in Japan.
  • Fugu is one of the most dangerous fish in the world, also known as Puffer fish. But still, people love eating this.
  • Tetrodotixin is one of the harmful preservatives that is creating damage in our human body, and this preservative is the most poisonous part of the body of the Fugu fish.
  • So, when preparing Fugu, chefs take special care to remove the toxic parts so that they do not disturb the flavor of the food.
  • A strict check is enforced by the laws when Fugu is prepared by hotels, motels, and restaurants.
  • The chefs take 3–4 years of training to prepare the Fugu.
  • Only the chefs who are qualified for the training are allowed to prepare the dish.
  • The dish can lead to the serious death of that person, so this dish cannot be prepared by oneself at home.
  • Thousands of people in Japan mostly like the liver, which is the tasty and toxic part.
  • Fugu is a cause of several deaths after its consumption, so it was prohibited in India in 1984, as per the report.
  • The liver, ovaries, and eyes are the most toxic parts of this fish, and the skin of the fish is the non-poisonous part.
  • Human muscles are paralyzed when they consume toxic parts.
  • After a few minutes, the victim finds it hard to breathe, and sooner or later, the victim dies.
  • But now that the medical field is so developed, the treatment for this case is also available.
  • In November 2011, a chef from Tokyo served Fugu liver to a customer; for that case, the chef was adjourned.
  • The customer insisted on serving the liver, and a warning was given to the customer, but still the chef served him. He was paralyzed. A recovery was made.
  • There were 13–15 restaurants where Fugu was served during the early years. A variety of nutrients are present in fugu, but it is a very expensive dish in Japan.