Holla Moholla Sikh festival

Hola Mohalla



April 13, 2024

  • Hola alson called Hola Mohalla is a Sikh festival.
  • Festivals time is march of every year.
  • Its a 3 day festival at Shri Andandpur Sahib ending on Hola day.
  • Takes place on the 2nd day of the lunar month of Chett, a day after the Hindu spring festival Holi.
  • Sometimes coincides with Holi.
  • Holas is derived from the word Hall (a military charge) and the term Mohalla stands for an organized processing or an army column.
  • Its a big festival event for sikhs around the world.
  • In this festival visitors sit together in Pangats (Queues) and eat vegetarian food of Langars.
  • According to Thopson (2000) Hola Mohalla establised Guru Govbind Singh in 1680.