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List Of Railway Engines In Indian Railway



April 24, 2024

Indian Railways operates a vast fleet of railway engines, including both diesel and electric locomotives. It’s important to note that the specific types and numbers of locomotives can change over time due to upgrades and replacements.

  1. WDM-2: These are one of the oldest and most widely used diesel locomotives in India.
  2. WDM-3A: A powerful diesel locomotive often used for freight and passenger trains.
  3. WDP-4D: Used for high-speed passenger and freight services.
  4. WDG-4: Designed for heavy-haul freight trains.
  5. WDG-4D: A variant of WDG-4 with improved technology.
  6. WAP-7: An electric locomotive mainly used for high-speed passenger trains.
  7. WAG-9: Designed for heavy freight transportation.
  8. WAP-5: An electric locomotive known for its speed and performance in passenger service.
  9. WAP-4: A versatile electric locomotive used for both passenger and freight trains.
  10. WAG-7: Often used for freight and heavy-haul duties.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and there are many other locomotive classes and variants used in the Indian Railways.