Mezban Festival Bangaldesh Image

Mezban Festival



June 16, 2024

  • MEZBAN is a Popular traditionally regional festival and feast of the Chattogram region Peoples in Bangladesh.
  • Mezban locally known as Mejjan in Chittagong Language.
  • In Persian “Mezban” means host and “Mezbani” means hosting or arranging a feast for the guests.
  • In Mezbani peoples are invited to a meal with white rice and beef dishes.
  • It can be held on the occasions such as birth anniversary, death anniversaty, success, housewarming party, marriage, Aquiqah, circumcision, ear piercing of girls and naming of the newborn.
  • Printed invitation cards are printed and distributed among the guests only in urban areas.
  • This feast takes place either morning or afternoon.
  • Basically Mezban is a beef-dominated meals.
  • Mezban is not regional festival, now it’s a very popular festival of B