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April 24, 2024

  • Own – Private
  • Founded – 1990
  • Head Quarter – Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  • Founder – Karsanbhai Patel
  • Total Employee – 25,000
  • Turnover – 20,500 Crore
  • Popular Products – Nuvoco Cements, Zero M Wall Putty, Nirma Detergent, Nirma Soaps.
  • Website –
  • Founder of Nirma Karsanbhai Patel was a chemist of Gujarat Government’S Depertment Mining & Geology
  • “NIRMAX” is a cement business of Nirma.
  • Mr, Kahanvilkar drawn the logo of Nirma Girl’s.
  • In Feb 2020, Emami Cement also acquired by Nirma.
  • According to market survey Nirma had 15% market share of toilet soap and 30% marke share in detergent market.
  • In 2007 Nirma also purchased American raw material company Searles Valley Minerals Inc. (Making it among the top 7 soda ash manufacturers in the world).
  • Nirma acquired Lafarge India Cement Assets $ 1.4 Billion.
  • Nirma Products: Soda ash, linear alkylbenzene, soaps, detergents, edible and industrial salt, Alpha olefin sulfonate, Sulfuric acid, Glycerin, Infusions, Injectables, Critical care products, Medical disposables, Sugar, Cement, Single superphosphate, Castor oil, Multilayer tubes, Seamless tubes, Tube laminate, Flexible laminate, Paper and plastic cups, Tarpaulin, Injection molding, Bromine, Phosphoric acid