ayodhya pahar - ayodhya hill

Ayodhya Pahar (Hill)



July 20, 2024

  • Ayodhya hill is situated in the extended part of the dolma hills of Jharkhand.
  • It is the most photogenic part with decorated by hills ,dales, springs , tall trees , tranquil lake, clear blue skies and river.
  • Here you can get a beautiful waterfalls tribal villages did forest Mayur and goats approve hill are sure to captive your mind.
  • This place is made more adventurous by the presence of wild animals.
  • Visiting the hidden water falls trekking around as your legs which is guarded by hills and experiencing local tribal culture makes ayodhya hills more pleasured for photographer and nature lovers.
  • From purulia district via shirkanad 42 kilometre away ayodhya hill is a famous tourist spot.
  • It is the mountain which has table on top.
  • Besides this many streams make their way through the slopes to meet the shobana Rekha on the west and Jyoti and Kumari from the slope of Northern area.
  • This is situated at about 700 above sea level so you can just imagine how beautiful and pure air you will get here.
  • There are shimmering freshwater streams and springs here, so you realize where to set up your tents when you arrive!
  • The best exercises to enjoy here are rock ascending and mountaineering.
  • The street that follows up the slope, which you can climb, offers an awesome view, so you?d better have your cameras prepared.
  • During September to March Ayodhya Hills get a chill in the breeze and clear skies.
  • Exceptionally, February and March puts a dynamic demonstration of Palash blossoms and early October gives a demonstration of Kash phool.
  • Be that as it may, the storms cover the spot in perpetual greenery and the drifting foreboding shadows over the green slopes and spouting cascades make a display commendable for deep rooted explorers.
  • There are a few trains from Howrah to Purulia.
  • Transport administrations are likewise accessible from Sahid Minar. You can pass via vehicle, as well.
  • Popular Toursit Spots in Ayodhya Hill (Pahar) are:
    • Bamni Falls and Turga Falls
    • Tarapaniya Lake
    • Mayur Hills & Pakhi Pahar
    • Khairabera