Kaal Bhairav Temple Hindu Deity drink liquor alchohol

Hindu Deity Who Drinks Liquor Alcohol in an Indian Temple



July 20, 2024

  • You may not believe it, but the deity of a temple drinks bottles of liquor offered by his devotee in a temple in India, and this incident is absolutely true and amazing.
  • This temple is located in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, State of India. Its name is Kaal Bhairav Temple, and its Deity is Shri Kaal Bhairav.
  • Hundreds of devotees come here daily with faith and hope to offer liquor to God.
  • When a devotee offers liquor to the deity, the deity accepts the liquor lively in front of all; it is a fascinating thing.
  • A true and unimaginable incident happens in that temple where the temple’s Priest keeps the Dish Plate filled with liquor near the mouth of the idol, and the statue of the deity starts slowly drinking the liquor from the plate until the level of liquor is finished.
  • Devotees and many people are wide, and thus incidents happen by the priest of the temple at many times.
  • During festive seasons, the idol statue drinks hundreds of bottles in a day.
  • Nobody knows where all liquor vanishes, but this has been happening continuously for hundreds of years.
  • Kal Bhairav temple, which is a temple of Mahakal or Lord Shiva, is famous for consuming alcohol.
  • There is no idea how much liquor is offered at the temple, but people believe that the temple consumes 100 liters of alcohol per day.
  • This is a really unbelievable temple.
  • If you don’t see this, you can’t believe it, and another important thing is that the ‘vaahan’ (Conveyance) of Lord Kaal Bhairava is a black canine.
  • There is a statue of a canine facing the idol.
  • Lots of people are coming here to see the miracle of how the idol ‘Shri Kaal Bhairav’ drinks alcohol.