July 20, 2024

  • Lok-lok is a popular street food in several Southeast Asian countries, particularly Malaysia and Singapore.
  • The term “lok-lok” refers to a style of cooking and serving food on skewers.
  • It’s a type of hot pot or fondue-style meal where customers can choose various ingredients, which are typically skewered on sticks, and then cook them in a communal pot of boiling or simmering broth.
  • Here’s how lok-lok typically works:
  • Selection: Customers visit a lok-lok stall or restaurant where they can choose from a wide variety of ingredients. These ingredients often include vegetables, tofu, seafood (such as prawns and fish balls), meat (like chicken or beef), dumplings, and various other items.
  • Skewering: Once customers have made their selections, the chosen ingredients are skewered onto sticks. Each ingredient is usually color-coded, which helps determine the price later on.
  • Cooking: The skewers of food are then placed into a communal pot filled with hot and flavorful broth. The broth is often divided into sections with varying levels of spiciness and flavor. Customers can dip the skewers into the broth to cook them to their preferred level of doneness.
  • Sauces: There are usually several dipping sauces available at the table, allowing diners to customize the flavor of their lok-lok.
  • Pricing: After the meal, the bill is calculated based on the number and types of skewers consumed. Each skewer typically has a different price based on its ingredients.
  • Lok-lok is not only a tasty and interactive dining experience but also a social one, as it’s common for groups of friends or family to gather around the table, enjoy the food, and have a good time together.
  • The wide variety of ingredients and the ability to customize the meal to individual tastes make it a popular and fun street food option.