odia pakhala or pantabhat dish




April 24, 2024

  • Pakhala is an Odia Food Dish.
  • Pakhala is a Odia term.
  • It’s a basically cooked rice wash or a little fermented in water.
  • Liquid part of this dish known as Torani.
  • Pakhala dish is very popular in Assam, West Bengal, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu. (India).
  • It’s a specially lunch dish and Most popular dish during Summer .
  • Pazhaiya Sadam is a Tamil version of this dish.
  • Panta Bhat is Bengali (West Bengal) version of this dish.
  • Bore Bhat is a Chattisgarh version of this dish.
  • Pani Bhat is a Jharkhand version of this dish.
  • Paakhaal, or Pakhala, is the Odia version of this dish.
  • Poita Bhat is a Assam version of this dish.
  • One traditional Odia Pakhala Dish is prepared with Rice, Curd, Cumin Seeds, Cucumber, Fried Onions, Mint Leaves.
  • Pakhala also served with dry roasted vegetables e.g. Potato, Brinjal, Badi, Saga Bhaja, Fied Fish.
  • Few popular Pakhala dish are –
    • Jeera Pakhala
    • Dahi Pakhala
    • Garama Pakhala
    • Basi Pakhala