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India Has One Of The Lowest Divorce Rates In The World



April 24, 2024

India did indeed have one of the lowest divorce rates in the world. Several factors contribute to this phenomenon:

  1. Cultural and Social Norms: India has a deeply rooted culture that emphasizes the importance of family and the institution of marriage. Social pressure and stigma around divorce can discourage couples from seeking separation.
  2. Arranged Marriages: A significant portion of marriages in India are arranged by families, and these unions often come with strong family support and expectations, which can act as a deterrent to divorce.
  3. Legal Complexity: The legal process for divorce in India can be lengthy and complex, which may discourage some couples from pursuing it.
  4. Economic Dependence: In many cases, financial interdependence and the lack of economic opportunities for women can make divorce a more challenging option for those in unhappy marriages.
  5. Social Support Systems: Extended families often play a crucial role in providing support to couples going through difficult times, offering mediation, and trying to reconcile differences.

It’s important to note that the divorce rate in India has been slowly increasing over the years, particularly in urban areas, as social attitudes change, economic conditions evolve, and women gain more independence. However, it still remains relatively low compared to many Western countries.