Koottu Dish south indian stew dish




April 13, 2024

  • Kootu is a Vegetable and lentil based stew.
  • It’s a south Indian Dish.
  • Kootu is type of Indidan form of stew.
  • Main ingredients are Lentils and Different vegetables.
  • Kootu’s most used vegetables are carrots, potatoes, onios, beans, peppers, tomatoes. etc.
  • Differnt meat are also used in Kootu.
  • Kootu is popular in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
  • Kootu word is derived from the Tamil word “Kootu” which meand “add” or “Mixture/Medley”.
  • Kootu is typically less watery than sambhar.
  • There have many popular variation of Kootu e.g
    • Poricha Kootu
    • Araichivita Kootu
    • Araichivita Sambar.